Kraasa Ace 850 Long Sneakers, Boots


Kraasa Ace 850 Long Sneakers, Boots is a very comfortable to wear light weight, Smart Long Sneakers from the house of Kraasa. It has a wide range of colors and sizes.

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A lightweight development and throughout the day solace may have something to do with that. It’s an adaptable shoe sort that can be worn three out of the four seasons, including the ideal component of brilliant easygoing to your closet.

A straightforward, regular shoe with bunches of shading choices, the abandon boot will never leave style, and it can possibly rapidly turning into your go-to shoes for day by day wear.

Shrewd Long Sneakers from the place of Kraasa. Kraasa have different shoes to look over.The quality, craftsmanship, quest for flawlessness and imagination are the components that, even within the sight of unending complex change, have changed this specialty into a fine art.

The sole have a high bearing, footing, pad capacity, could withstand heavier disfigurement, load, and high and low temperature.

To last the shoe,clean the shoes completely with shoe shading shoe cream. Utilize the shoe cream on a delicate fabric to clean the shoes.

Kraasa Ace 850 Long Sneakers has a collection of colors including Tan, Black,Brown, Blue and Orange. And the sizes ranges from 6 to 12.

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Synthetic Leather








Black, Blue, Brown, Orange, Tan


10, 11, 12, 6, 7, 8, 9


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