RUBY RO+UV+TDS Controller 12 Stage Water Purifier

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Super fast filtration.Drinking natural purified mineralized filtered water.Modern space saving ultra fast filtration design.New enhanced filter design.Huge filter capacity.12 Stage Purification, RO+UV+TDS Controller, with power full pump, SMPS & high-quality membrane.Extra Wide Water level indicator , 10 Ltr. Water Storage Capacity.External power supply,Purification Capacity 12 Ltr per hour.ABS Food Grade Cabinet ,Input Voltage-180 to 280 Volts AC.

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RUBY RO+UV+TDS Controller 12 Stage Water Purifier

RUBY RO+UV+TDS Controller 12 Stage Water Purifier

The Ruby reverse osmosis water purification, the best investment you make in the health and well-being of your family.
Over ten year’s expertise in reverse osmosis drinking water systems, our unique design features make installation easier and operation more reliable. The most advanced home water systems in the world.
Our price for reverse osmosis drinking water filters is amongst the best. Why pay more? Buy from the source and save money!!! .

Functions of Filters

Micron sediment Filter : Its micron rating is 5. It is effective in removing dirt, rust and sand particles .

Activated carbon Filter : It takes out 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of odor and color. .

Ro membrane : A thin composite high quality membrane that processes 75 gallons per day. It removes the following hard water contaminants that may be present in your water. .

Lead, copper, Barium, Chromium, Mercury, Sodium, cadmium, Fluoride, Nitrate, Selenium and pesticides. .

Ultra violet : The UV light will disinfect filter water at normal flow rate, Providing one of the safest filtering systems available. Bacteria Viruses and other micro-organisms are destroyed by interfering with DNA and RNA in the organism’s reproductive cycles. It cause immediate death for organisms and wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce. .

Mineral cartridge: Adds essential natural minerals.

As RO water purifier removes many dissolved solids taste of water gets changed over a period of time. Water is best in taste when TDS is between 30 to 70 ppm (Technician will adjust it).Change in taste will be only because of TDS. No complaints will be entertained about the taste.This RO MEMBRANE is compatible with water with a maximum TDS of 2000 ppm.

Ultra Filtration Filter: It’s pore size is around 0.01 micron. It is effective in removing dirt, rust, sand particles, other macromolecules and even bacteria and cyst from water.

Activated carbon Filter: It is capable of removing chlorine, organic compounds, odours and unpleasant tastes from water. It provides enhanced reduction of odour and provides good taste to water.

Ro membrane: A thin composite high-quality membrane that processes 75 gallons per day.

Post Carbon filter: This filter improves the taste of water and removes all kinds of odor. Minerals ceramic helps to restore good minerals.

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